10 Years Is Long Enough to Wait for Comprehensive Gun Reform

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the mass shooting in Newtown, MA at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. A yourg adult was able to gain access to an AR15 and kill 20 elementary school students and six educators in minutes. Ten years of thoughts and prayers have done nothing to stop the mass shootings. It is past time for common sense gun reform.

Since Sandy Hook, over 1 million people have been shot in the United States, and over 400,000 have been killed. That number goes up every day, but nothing is done.

Congress must pass comprehensive gun reform legislation NOW. We will no longer accept that we and our children should be afraid to go to school, to see a movie, attend a concert, go to the grocery store, go out with friends, or go to their place of worship. We will no longer accept that our rights are lesser than those who want to make, sell, and buy guns. Our Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - and frankly, those rights are in jeopardy every single day the longer it takes to pass comprehensive, meaningful, common sense legislation.

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