The Time to Act is Now

by Gail Yamner

As we weep for the children and adults who lost their lives and for the families who are left to mourn, we do not need answers to why, we need to ensure it will end at that school on that Friday.  While our tears still flow, we have to resolve that we will advocate on behalf of anyone who has been struck down by bullets.

We sign petitions. We post on facebook. We watch the stories on tv. We talk to our friends. Those acts help us to heal. But we cannot heal as a nation until we act against the powerful NRA and other groups who control our policies on guns and ammunition. We have to demand that laws be written and enforced to keep assault weapons, heavy duty glocks, high ammunition clips off the streets. We have to demand that background checks are conducted.

We cannot no longer let Second Amendment rights govern our safety. Every time we fly we give our names and identity, we take off our shoes and coats, we put our private toiletries in clear plastic bags, we submit to radiation machines and pat-downs. We surrender liberty for safety. It is time to ask gun owners to surrender some of their rights for the sake of public safety -- in malls, in theaters, on street corners and in our schools.

If members of Congress cannot vote for sensible gun restrictions or funding for mental critical mental health services, vote them out. Vote for the right to walk down the street without fear.

At JAC we have access to members of Congress and we will use that. We will also call on others to propose and vote for sensible gun legislation. We cannot do this without your help. Sign JAC's letter to the President and Congress. Send it to your friends. Go with us to DC to support those who vote yes on any bill that will help end the violence.