Why It Matters - Immigration Reform

We are a nation of immigrants. Whatever our backgrounds, every one of us has ancestors who made the journey to the United States, in search of  better lives. In spite of this, many Americans want to "pull up the ladders behind them" and prevent future generations access to the American dream.
Current policy makes it incredibly difficult to enter the United States legally, and since it is so difficult, many find other ways to cross our borders. Many undocumented immigrants are working for employers who rely on cheap labor  in agriculture, manufacturing, the service industry and more. Because they are undocumented, they are vulnerable to abuses and illegal labor practices by unscrupulous employers, with little or no recourse.
There are 11 million undocumented immigrants living in America today. We need a thoughtful, comprehensive immigration policy that will that will create a pathway to citizenship for those already hear and will allow children who were brought to the U.S. to be able to go to school and better their lives. We commend the Gang of Eight in the Senate, who wrote a bi-partisan bill and hope that the Congress will do the same.
As a Jewish community, we understand the need to welcome the stranger.