Anti-abortion Extremists Urge Kidnapping of Women on Way to Clinic

In a new and outrageous twist on anti-abortion activism, a group tweeted a suggestion to volunteer to escort Texas women to abortion clinics, but then try to talk them out of it in the car and drive them to a church instead, while making sure the women missed their appointments.

Fears are held for the safety of women in Texas after an anti-abortion group infiltrated a pro-choice volunteering service, with the aim of kidnapping women to change their minds on abortion.

A post circulating on Facebook released the email of a volunteer group within The Cicada Collective, an "autonomous community-centred group of reproductive justice organisers located in North Texas".

According to the post, the Collective was looking for volunteers to "shuttle TX women around for their abortion appointments" and called for anti-choice campaigners to apply, undercover, in a bid to lure the women away.

It then urges the undercover guises to instead ferry the women to a Church to delay the abortion and ultimately, change her mind.

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