Week In Review March 24, 2017

There were no surprises nor illuminating moments during Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court hearing this week. But don't be fooled. President Donald Trump nominated Gorsuch to be a smooth-talking advocate on the bench for a far-right ideology. If Gorsuch is appointed, he will unravel the social, economic, and political progress our country has made over the past 100 years. He could be the decisive vote shifting the Supreme Court to the right for generations on issues ranging from civil rights to corporate power to women's rights. 

Gorsuch, who has ruled against Planned Parenthood, will play a pivotal role in trying to overturn Roe v Wade - the main reason Trump selected him. Gorsuch argued in favor of allowing bosses to deny their employees birth control coverage ( Hobby Lobby) and wrote that he would have gone even further. He will be a strong voice on the court limiting women's reproductive freedoms. Just as frightening, all three branches of our government could be dominated by extreme, anti-choice ideologues. 

He has a well-documented record of voting against the rights of women, workers, children with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals. Clearly, Gorsuch is on the side of special interests and big money, not on the side of everyday Americans. 

Keep the pressure on your Senators. Call them and urge them to vote NO on the Gorsuch nomination. There is too much at stake with our rights and liberty to allow Gorsuch to have a lifetime seat on the nation's highest court. 

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Join with JAC as we work to stop this dangerous appointment. 

Source: Nan Aron, president Alliance for Justice