Week In Review July 7, 2017

Congress returns next week after theirJuly 4th recess. The healthcare debate will once again heat up with increased pressure to repeal the ACA. The healthcare of millions of people hang in the balance. The fight is not over.

Families are wondering how they will afford care for a sick child or newborn. Women who count on Planned Parenthood for their basic health needs will find themselves without care, if the ACA is repealed. People with pre-existing conditions, which can be anything from cancer to high cholesterol or diabetes, can have a difficult time getting coverage for their drugs.

Spending on maternity care and mental health could increase by thousands of dollars because insurers could sell plans on the individual market which could eliminate or greatly reduce coverage for these services, according to a Congressional Budget Office report.

Repealing the ACA with the Better Care Reconciliation Act will harm everyone. Time is running out. Make your phone calls. Continue to let the Senate know that the ACA repeal is dangerous.

JAC needs your support to send candidates to Congress who will fight for healthcare.