A week In Review July 28, 2017

It was an emotional week as the country waited to see the fate of their healthcare. Americans woke up this morning to the news that the 'skinny' repeal had failed and, for now, the ACA will remain in place, reassuring millions of people that they will continue to have access to coverage and critical health services for themselves and their families. 

JAC-friend Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) bucked her party by showing courage and compassion. She voted her conscience and helped to defeat the repeal. JAC has been proud to support Collins, who remains a strong, independent voice in the Senate. While we are at odds with her party's policies, we are buoyed by her strong support for JAC's issues: a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, reproductive freedom, and the separation of religion and state. 

When JAC met with Collins in her Washington, D.C. office in May, we discussed the ACA. Collins, an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood, assured us she would not vote for any replacement plan that defunded Planned Parenthood and hurt women. She kept her word. 

Let Collins hear from you. Call her office at (202) 224-2523. Tell her the women of JAC appreciate her support for saving our healthcare. 

This week Collins and Sen. John McCain (D-AZ) offered us a bit of hope during these bitter, partisan times. In an emotional speech, McCain rallied the Senate by urging his colleagues to reach across the aisle, get down to business, and work together to better serve those that elected them. As the Senate gears up for important work on the debt ceiling, budget and other critical issues, let's hope Senators will heed McCain's words. 

It was also an emotional week in Israel with violence, a gruesome terrorist act, and security issues at the Temple Mount. Israel removed metal detectors at the site, which were installed as a safety precaution. However, tensions continue to escalate between the Israelis and Palestinians. JAC participated in briefings on this constantly changing situation.  In the meantime, the U.S. must continue its efforts to expand, strengthen, and protect its relationship with Israel - something for which JAC strongly advocates. 

What can you do? Continue to remain politically engaged. Share our information on Facebook. Elections and phone calls matter. JAC needs your support to elect candidates who will do their job and fight for our issues.