The Week In Review August 4, 2017

It is official. Congress is finally on recess having very little to show for their efforts. The failure to pass any major legislative priorities has stymied the Trump Administration's agenda.

In the meantime, President Trump has also been busy shoring up his extreme, Christian-right base. His cabinet has been having regular bible study sessions with a preacher, Donald Drollinger, Jr., who aims to bring together "godly individuals that God has risen to a position of prominence in our culture." Drollinger, Jr., believes that "public servants are lost without God" and has suggested women lawmakers who have young children at home are sinners.

Recently Trump met with 20 Evangelical leaders in the Oval Office for his own prayer session. Evangelical Christians are "on speed dial" with the Administration, according to an activist who prayed over the President. They enjoy unique access to this President.

The religious right scored another victory when Trump appointed Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom. As governor, Brownback waged constant war on separation of church and state, especially in public schools. He consistently promoted religious events and programming in his official capacity as governor.

Separation of religion and state is also under attack on the state level. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott recently signed a bill making it easier for schools to introduce prayer in school and curricula debasing science and evolution.

What can you do? STAY INFORMED. Read and share JAC's information; continue to support JAC candidates that will ensure that there is always a strong separation between government and religion.

Sources: Newsweek, Haaretz, New Republic