Intern Impressions

Sydney Box, JAC 2017 Summer Intern

Elections matter. I've always heard this phrase, but never truly understood the importance of it until I interned with JAC. This summer JAC campaigned for two House special elections, one in Georgia and one in Montana. While spending hours making phone calls into those states encouraging people to vote, I realized for the first time the scope of elections. 

Two seemingly small races, hundreds of miles away, had the power to impact the rest of the country. Each of those Representatives were voting on bills that could grant me rights, or now it seems more frequently, take them away.

JAC is a vital voice of reason, inspiring people to fight for their rights and reminding people that we can influence elections. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this powerful group of women whose effects are felt nationwide. My summer experience will continue to inspire me long after I return to college this fall.

Sarah Rosen, JAC 2017 Summer Intern

Throughout my time at JAC, I have gotten to dive deeper into the political world in ways that I hope have made a difference, and I have learned one of the most important lessons one can ever learn. It doesn't matter the size of the action you take, it all makes a difference.

The current political climate is more stressful than anything most of us have seen before. We all want to do something but the feeling of powerlessness can be overwhelming. The truth is, the power is in our hands. We can all do something, whether it is making a donation, attending a JAC event, and most importantly, voting. 

We have the responsibility to make our voices heard and make sure that those who are not representative of what America really needs are not elected again in 2018 and 2020. We have to persist and JAC has taught me that and so much more.

What can you do? STAY INFORMED. Read and share JAC's information; continue to support JAC candidates to ensure that there is always a strong representation of the issues important to us all.

Know anyone interested in interning at JAC? We are looking for fall and winter high school or college interns. Please contact the JAC office: or 847.433.5999.