Week in Review 11/17/2017

Thanksgiving is a holiday that Jews and non-Jews can share in celebration together as Americans regardless of religious affiliation. It's a time to pause in our busy lives to reflect on the past year and to take the opportunity to recount those things we are grateful for. 

The early settlers fled the lands across the sea seeking relief from religious persecution. They journeyed far, unsure of the dangers and hopes that would await them. Through peril and hardships they sought to build a better life for their families - a theme that has played out through our country's history.

Those that followed helped to build our nation. It was not an easy task then; it is not an easy task now. Each generation has faced and conquered its own set of challenges while paving the way for a fuller democracy.

It is important to remember those Pilgrims, settlers, suffragists, civil right leaders, and countless others whose struggles and sacrifices enable us today to sit freely with our friends and family around our Thanksgiving tables. 

Our freedom and rights are not guaranteed and cannot be taken for granted - especially in these turbulent political times. Now is not just the time to be thankful for what we have. But it is also the time for us to face the challenges and seize the opportunities to make a difference as well. The next generation is counting on us.

Thank you for your continued support of JAC. 

Happy Thanksgiving.