Week In Review 12-15-2017

Doug Jones' win Tuesday over Roy Moore gave us a brief moment of hope. Finally it seemed that our country's moral compass was readjusted a bit. Alabama showed that when you vote your conscience, not your party, change can happen. But we still have a long way to go.

As we look toward 2018, candidates across the country are energized, knowing that when they get out the vote, they win. Jones fought hard for the 10,000 votes that pushed him to victory.    

Many have called Jones' victory, on the first night of Hanukkah, a miracle. It wasn't a miracle. It was simply democracy in action. Despite the national attention, negativity of the campaign and voter suppression, Alabamians exercised their most basic right as a citizen - they voted. We need to see that played out in every state in the country next November.  

JAC's mission is to support candidates like Jones. Your contributions to JAC enabled us to help send Jones to the Senate. When you make a direct candidate contribution through JAC, your voice and power is magnified across the country. Your money is pooled together with other JAC women and given directly to JAC candidates.

This week the FCC reversed net neutrality, which poses a risk to our ability to access information on the internet; Congress is finalizing a tax bill that repeals the ACA insurance mandate and will cause millions of people to lose health insurance; and the Sandy Hook community gathered to remember their young friends and family killed in their town's school shooting five years ago. To date, Congress has failed to pass any common sense gun laws.

We need Jones in the Senate now more than ever to fight to safeguard freedom of speech, protect healthcare for all, and keep our communities safe from gun violence. He will be a much-needed partner to fight Trump's and the GOP's extreme agenda. But we will need other voices, like Senate candidate Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV), who will be the first Jewish woman Senator elected from Nevada.

Hanukkah teaches us: against all odds, we can succeed. We didn't give up then and we can't give up now.


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