Week in Review 6/29/2018

We knew this day - Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement -  was coming. We have been waiting in fear. We don't know who his replacement will be, but we do know the nominee will be an extreme conservative committed to Donald Trump's anti-woman, anti-family and anti-immigration agenda.

Trump has promised to appoint justices who will overturn Roe v Wade. He was good to his word. Justice Neil Gorsuch's appointment was the beginning of the end to women's legal right to have an abortion. Kennedy, was a swing vote in that landmark case. Trump will make sure the next justice is firmly committed to overturning Roe.

The legality of abortion will then be up to individual states, which most likely will uphold a ban. Based on the amount and degree of anti-choice legislation coming from the state houses, women's reproductive freedom will not be protected on the state level

With effectively no check on Trump's ability to control the destiny of the court, the far right could assert its ideological power for a generation. (1) Every issue you care about will be impacted. Our country will be permanently changed for the worse with a court that will cater to Trump's ideology.

Trump will leave a damaging, lingering mark on our nation, even after he leaves office. From women's rights to voting rights to same-sex marriage, every issue is under attack. No protection is guaranteed.

This week we have been focused on the Supreme Court. However, Trump has been nominating at a record pace judges to the Circuit Court. These judges, who are predominately white and male, also serve for life. He is dramatically remaking American's courts to reflect his dangerous, extreme ideology. 

More than 80 years ago, President Howard Taft said, "Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever."  

Congress, however, does not. Every two years, we have a chance to make a change. In November, we must put the brakes on Trump's determination to weaken our country's democracy. Our only hope is to change the Senate and House.

"This is a moment that calls on all of us to stand up," said Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL). "We have to win back the House (and Senate). There isn't any other way to right the wrongs."

Elections matter. Elections have consequences.

Check your voter registration today here. Make sure your voice is heard.

Source: (1) Vanity Fair