Week in Review 4-18-2019


Friday night Jews across the world will gather to celebrate Passover. We will read from the Haggadah and recount the exodus from Egypt. This story of oppression, freedom and new beginnings has been retold for generations.

The seder is a time to remind us what's at risk today. There are modern plagues that threaten our way of life. Abortion bans. Anti-Semitism. Gun violence. Extreme judges. Voter suppression. Inhumane immigration policies. Christian Evangelicals influencing government policy. Climate change. Dismantling of the Affordable Care Act.

We are obligated to recount the Passover story, imagining the experience of being enslaved and victimized.

For many, they don't need to imagine the pain and hardship of being victimized. They are living it. Jews face the danger of anti-Semitism at home and across the world. Immigrants, LGBTQ, Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups face discrimination daily. Women do not have the same access to healthcare as men; nor do women enjoy wage parity with their male counterparts. 

When Miriam saved baby Moses, she showed courage and strength. She chose to do something and thereby changed the course of the Jewish people. Are you willing to do something? Will you become more involved with JAC? Will you stand up to fight against our country's plagues?  Will you renew your JAC membership at a higher level?

These are YOUR four questions. 

We hope you and your family have a meaningful Passover.