Week in Review 7-17-2020

We were honored to have Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jan Schakowsky join us this week for our Power of Women virtual fundraiser, which also celebrated JAC's 40th year.
Speaker Pelosi praised JAC's contributions over the years. "JACPAC, you not only brought your ideas - it is just a measure of an organization - but your vision, your purpose, and what you know about your subject," she said. "How you have grown, how you have deepened the allegiance to the purpose is just remarkable to behold, and I'm very proud to be girlfriends with all of you."
The Power of Women Lunch raises critical funds so we can support JAC candidates across the country. This year we are working to protect and expand our majority in the House, turn the Senate blue and elect Joe Biden. 
"Civilization as we know it today, the democracy our Founders fought for, (what) our troops scarificed for, that our children depend on - all of it is on the ballot, all of it is at stake," the Speaker said. 
Despite the polls, she urged us all to take these next weeks and months seriously and not to "yield one grain of sand" and not to assume anything.
"Any call anybody makes, any postcard they send...every email whatever it is...everything is what can make the difference," the Speaker said. "No underutilized resources. And so everyday I'm with the 3 Ms: how do we mobilize, how are we getting our message out, and how are we getting the money to do that."
Despite COVID, we can still reach voters through virtual phone banks, texting and postcard writing. (Click here to get your postcards.
Our candidates need your help. You have always stepped up, and we need your help even more this year. (Donate to JAC candidates.) Those Democrats now holding seats in districts that Trump won are even more vulnerable this year with Trump on the ballot,
"We want a big victory because we want it to be a clear message of change and progress and decency for our country.  The bigger the victory, the more significant the change that we can make," the Speaker said.
This election is your chance to make difference and bring home that life-changing victory. Stay involved with JAC and let's make sure we can celebrate the restoration of our democracy on election eve.