Week in Review 11-25-2020

Tomorrow we face another holiday separated from our families and friends. But we must do what we can to find joy and thankfullness.

While we are still plagued by the pandemic, there is hope with promising results for a vaccine. For the Jewish community, we take pride in the selection of Tony Bliken as Secretary of State, and Alejandro Mayorkas to head DHS. Bliken and Mayorkas, who are both Jewish, have strong ties to Israel and their faith.

Biden is selecting qualified and experienced individuals to serve in his cabinet who will work to carry out his agenda that promises to improve Americans' lives and restore our world respect.

At JAC, we are thankful for your support. You partnered with us on this difficult journey as we have worked to move this country forward. We are grateful for the passion and commitment you eagerly share with us.

Your membership and support enables us to carry out our mission to ensure that Congress has leaders that will promote our values. You have also been very generous in directly supporting JAC candidates. Knowing that we can always count on you to partner with us fills us with gratitude.

This past year we have asked a lot from you. But today we aren't seeking support for JAC. Instead we are asking for those that will be hungry this Thanksgiving and in the days that follow.

The number of children who do not have enough to eat has soared in the pandemic. According to researchers, food insecurity rates have more than doubled, now impacting as many as nearly 1 out 4 households. Many are relying on food banks for the first time and have been forced to wait in line for hours for assistance.

Helping those in need is our moral, social and democratic responsibility. We are all in this together. Click here, if you can, to donate to Feeding America.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay home and stay safe.