Week in Review 12-18-2020

This week was a barrage of good news, bad news and a sobering milestone. As Congress begins to wind down the year and our attention turns more and more toward the new Biden administration, we feel even more desperate for good government. 
It was an electrifying moment to watch the trucks pull out from Pfizer with the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine. It was a historic public/private partnership with a company founded by immigrants, that resulted in the vaccine. But it was also a bittersweet moment knowing that the Trump administration could have done more to save lives.
America is counting on our infrastructure of bridges, roads, electrical girds and even the internet to deliver this vaccine. However, that system is dangerously overstretched, outdated, and underfunded.
Our public transportation system is inadequate and generally doesn't meet the needs of low-income families. Transportation is often cited as barriers to healthcare access, including reproductive healthcare. According to the American Hospital Association, transportation challenges prevent 3.6 million Americans from receiving medical care each year. 
Our government's top secrets were hacked this week, highlighting the need for bi-partisan efforts to strengthen our nation's cyber-infrastructure. Congress has passed a handful of cybersecurity bills this year, but it is clearly not enough to keep us safe.  
This week marked the 8th Anniversary of Sandy Hook. We hoped that after the horrific, tragic moment that Congress and states would pass meaningful gun safety measures. But today, too many shootings later, we are still struggling to make changes. 
Gun sales are on the rise as well as mass shootings - even with a pandemic and stay at home. Experts nervously await the opening of schools when gun violence will again plague our children.
Joe and Kamala won't be sworn in until January, but they are already making plans to improve our country. But they can't do it alone. It will take a Congress that is willing to put aside partisan politics and loyalties to special interest and do what is best for our country. 
We can't afford to wait any longer.