What's on Our Mind 1-22-2021

What's On Our Mind

When Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president on Wednesday, there was a collective sigh across our country. After four tumultuous years, a welcomed calmness settled around us.

The U.S. was once again a model of democracy for the world to view — and envy — as there was a peaceful transfer of power.

One of the more powerful images of Wednesday was the three former presidents, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, standing together to jointly wish Biden well in his presidency. It was a much-needed show of unity and patriotism for the good of the nation.

There are many challenges facing our country. Biden made it clear that he will navigate the rocky waters with a commitment to unity and respect for all.

As Biden said, “the American story depends on all of us … (it is) we the people.” You helped to write that story that we viewed on Wednesday with your endless support and work with JAC. You are now part of history as well.

But your efforts did not end when Biden left the inaugural podium. Biden’s success and ultimately the success of our nation depends on you. What will you do next?

Stay involved with JAC. Encourage your family and friends to join and participate in our programs. Support JAC’s candidates. The Democrats hold a narrow 10-seat majority in the House. Gearing up for 2022 midterm elections have already begun.

With Biden in the White House and a Democratic Congress, there are limitless opportunities for real change — if we keep working together. Biden said he is putting his whole soul into the job and has asked every American to join the cause.

We look forward to having YOU join JAC in America’s next chapter. We can’t do it without you.

As the fireworks Wednesday night brilliantly lit up our nation’s capital, we allowed ourselves to once again believe. Let’s harness that power to continue to work towards JAC’s mission along with President Biden to meet the challenges that face our nation.