What's on Our Mind 3-26-2021

What's On Our Mind

Why is this night different than all others? Because this Passover we are finally able to gather with family — even if it is not our entire extended family just yet. There is finally hope, and a new sense of freedom after a challenging year. This comes just in time for the holiday of Passover, which embodies both ideals.

As we sit down at our Seder table, we will read from the Hagaddah and retell the story of the Jews' exodus from Egypt. The story is undoubtedly well-known. However, it is important to recount it year after year. Remembrance is integral to this holiday and the continuation of our heritage.

No one will forget this past year of the epic COVID pandemic. We each have an experience which will stay with us forever. We will share those memories over and over again. We will be reminded of what we lost, but also what we gained. We used our strength and resilience to forge a new way of living. We faced challenges as individuals and as a community. Now, more than ever, we appreciate our freedoms — the freedom of simply going to school, work, the grocery store, a movie or even just gathering with friends and family.

The ancient days in Egypt were dark days for the Jewish people. Their exodus from Egypt and their new-found freedom posed new challenges. The Jews had to learn to forge a new way of life. This Passover we begin our exodus from COVID and from the past four years under Donald Trump. Our “freedom” is not the end, but the beginning. Many around us are still suffering. We have much to do to repair the damage in our country.

Religious and ethnic hatred is at an all-time high. People are discriminated against because of their gender and sexual preference. Our Constitutional right to vote is threatened. One in seven children lives in poverty. Political division threatens our democracy.

Next Passover, let us tell the story of what we each did to make this country better. Begin that story by supporting JAC and working with us to elect candidates who will. 

Wishing you and your family a Happy Passover.