Candidate Spotlight 7-29-2022

Today showed what we do together makes a difference. We called and texted Congress and we never gave up. We were able to get the assault weapons bill passed in the House. This is an extremely significant step in our nation’s efforts to end gun violence. More needs to be done, but banning these weapons of war from our streets will be impactful. 
JAC has been involved in the gun violence issue since the tragedy at Sandy Hook. We have even fought to pass an assault weapons ban here in Highland Park, where JAC's national office is based. JAC's Executive Director Marcia Balonick spoke before the Highland Park City council to help the village pass its assault weapons ban — a model for other communities.
During JAC's numerous advocacy visits to Capitol Hill, gun violence was always a topic we discussed with Members of Congress. JAC is part of a national task force on gun violence prevention, working with groups across the country on this important issue. 
JAC supports Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) who authored the assault weapons bill that just passed. We were in constant communication with his office as the bill moved through Congress. 
The bill will eventually go to the Senate. Standing in the way of keeping our communities safe is an archaic Senate rule, known as the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to pass a bill. But it only takes 51 votes to eliminate this rule. Then going forward only 51 votes would be needed. Imagine the possibilities. Finally we could codify Roe, enact common sense gun laws, protect our environment, ensure voting rights for all — and much more.
That is why JAC directly supports Democratic Senate candidates. They will vote to eliminate the 60 vote-rule and then they will vote for the bills we care about.
For the sake of our country, our democracy, and our future, we need to ensure that critical legislation to protect and improve American lives is not held hostage by an absurd and obsolete Senate rule and that our Senators can do their job.