What's On Our Mind 9-9-2022

Recent voter trends in Pennsylvania may play a role in the race between JAC candidate Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) and her opponent for the midterms. Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, women have been registering to vote in Pennsylvania at record numbers, and are registering as Democrats four-to-one. 
However with redistricting, Rep. Wild still faces an uphill climb. Even with the recent Democratic registration bump among women, the district still has an R+2 partisan leaning. Rep. Wild picked up a new, heavily GOP county. President Joe Biden won her former district in 2020 by nearly five points. But under the new map, he would have won by less than one point.
Wild's extreme opponent is the chair and president of a company that provides aluminum effect pigments. She has come under fire for her company's mishandling of environmental issues.
Rep. Wild has been a strong advocate for all of JAC’s issues since her original election to Congress in 2018. JAC is proud to support her, but we need to raise another $20,000 for her race. The GOP extremists will be working hard to defeat her. Can you help Rep. Wild?
Susan is an outspoken supporter of a woman’s right to choose and to make her own healthcare decisions. She proudly voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act to federally legalize abortion. 
She has also emphasized the need for common sense gun laws, saying “We need comprehensive gun reform in this country, and we cannot afford to wait a second longer.” Rep. Wild co-sponsored the Assault Weapons Ban in the House.
As the daughter of an Air Force officer, Susan Wild understands what it means to serve and has represented PA’s 7th district and the American people with that in mind. She will continue to fight for JAC’s issues in the 118th Congress. We need to keep Susan Wild in the House. Donate here to send her back to Washington.