What's On Our Mind 10-7-2022

An army veteran raised by a single mother, Sharice Davids’s life has been shaped by hard work. After working her way through college and law school as a first-generation college student, she went on to serve as a Fellow in President Obama’s White House. In 2019, she was elected to the House of Representatives to represent the third district of Kansas.
As a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS) is one of the first two Native American women with tribal ancestry to serve in Congress. She has continued her pattern of hard work, making government work for Kansans.
Throughout her tenure in Congress, more than half of the bills she has supported have been bipartisan. She is willing and able to reach across the aisle in order to prioritize the needs of her constituents. We need her in Congress. Donate here for Sharice.
She is the only Democrats in the Kansas delegation. The GOP is determined to get that seat so they have a complete sweep of Congressional seats in that state. Redistricting has made Rep. Davids' seat a toss-up and even tougher for her to keep. Her district now includes more rural and conservative areas. We must keep Rep. Davids in Congress if we are to maintain the Democratic majority in the House. Donate here for Sharice.
Rep. Davids is fervently pro-choice. Her opponent’s anti-abortion platform is dangerous and extreme. Kansans rejected an anti-abortion ballot measure earlier this year; the abortion issue will be critical in their voting decisions.
In Congress and beyond, Rep. Davids has fought for and supported Jewish issues. In March of 2019, she favored the resolution which condemned “hateful expressions of intolerance” against many groups, including Jewish people. In a statement following the resolution, she reaffirmed her commitment to listening and learning from all communities and expressed deep concern for the rise in hate crimes throughout the U.S.
In 2022, she cosponsored and helped pass the Respect for Marriage Act in the House, protecting the rights of all Americans to same-sex and interracial marriage. As a strong advocate for reversing climate change, Rep. Davids voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act this past summer, which will reduce emissions, establish affordable housing energy efficiency, and accelerate the domestic production of clean energy sources like solar and wind.
From our big issues to beyond our core, Rep. Sharice Davids stands with JAC. In the 118th Congress, she will continue working hard for the Jewish community, for women, and for our democracy and country. Her seat is in jeopardy. Help Sharice keep her seat. DONATE NOW.