What's On Our Mind 10-14-2022

A first-generation American, Dr. Yadira Caraveo is running for the newly drawn CO-8 district. This race gives Democrats an excellent chance to pick up a much-needed House seat to protect our narrow majority.
Yadira is no stranger to hard work and challenges. She grew up in Colorado after her parents left Mexico in search of a better life for their family. She learned from her family about hard work and sacrifice. Yadira will bring that strong work ethic to Congress.
Yadira will be the second female MD and first female MD of color in Congress. Our goal is to raise $10,000 more for her election. DONATE HERE.
Her district has the largest number of Hispanic residents of any Congressional district in Colorado. Registered Democratic voters hold a three percent advantage. President Joe Biden won that area with 4.7%. Yet this district is extremely competitive and considered a toss-up. As the GOP fights to gain control of the House, they see this as a pick-up seat. Extreme groups and GOP super PACs will spend whatever it takes to win.
Caraveo became a pediatrician with the intention of helping children, but quickly realized that the needs of youth in her community ran much deeper than medical attention so she came a state legislator to take action. While in the state House, she accomplished much including passing legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs and limit toxic waste that is harming children’s health.
In Congress, Yadira will be on JAC’s side. She has said, “Government should never make private medical decisions that should only be between a woman and her doctor.” Her opponent supports a national abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest because it is not consistent with the “moral and Christian foundation our country.”
When she was in the Colorado State Legislature, Yadira helped pass the state’s extreme risk protection order laws. As a pediatrician, she understands that gun violence is a public health crisis and she will work in Congress to address this deadly problem.
We need the voice and leadership of Yadira Caraveo. DONATE now to send Yadira to Congress.