What's On Our Mind 11-11-2022

We are still waiting for some races to be called, but JAC, with your help, can celebrate more than 50 wins at this time. We flipped seats, won open seats, and won new districts. We are proud to be sending John Fetterman (PA) to the Senate and Nikki Budzinksi (IL-13), Chris Deluzio (PA-17), Jeff Jackson (NC-14), Greg Landsman (OH-1), Hillary Scholten (MI-3), Seth Magaziner (RI-2), Eric Sorenson (IL-17), Yadira Caraveo (CO-8), and Brittany Petersen (CO-8) to the House as freshmen. (Click here for the 2022 scorecard with the latest results.)
These candidates waged tough campaigns in an environment filled with hatred and negativity. They will be strong voices for JAC in Congress continuing to fight for the values we care about.
We were also pleased to help many of our friends win reelection. Together, with the new Members of Congress, JAC will have strong advocates in Congress.
Thank you for all that you did to help make 2022 successful. As President Joe Biden said, Tuesday night's results were a “good day for America and a good day for democracy.”
You sent 20,000 postcards to voters in battleground states; called voters in Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona and many other places. We traveled to Wisconsin and other states to help our candidates’ get out the vote activities. JAC members made a difference.
Your financial support was critical as well. This cycle, between JAC’s contributions from your membership dollars and your direct contributions to our candidates, JAC was able to help more than 80 candidates in 27 states with $616,000 — a record.
Now we must concentrate on winning the run-off in Georgia, which will be held on Dec. 6th. Once again, this will be an expensive race with dark money flooding the state. If you can, click here to donate to Sen. Raphael Warnock’s run-off race. Every seat matters and we MUST win this one. DONATE HERE.
Again, thank you for your continued support and faith in JAC. Together we can continue to make a difference in this country.