What's On Our Mind 12-23-2022

Democracy was highlighted this week when the January 6th committee delivered their final report and then when Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Congress Wednesday night. In a rare moment for Congress, Democrats and Republicans stood up together for Zelenskyy's remarks. Partisan differences were placed aside and we showed Ukraine and the world that we can unite.
Zelenskyy understands that our country began on the quest for freedom and justice. Those pillars still must hold up our country. We identify with the brave Ukranians because we understand what is like to wage a war for independence. But now our democracy is strained by those that seek to tear it down for their own political gain. 
We are also in a new battle for our democracy. This time from forces within who waged an insurrection and sought to overturn a lawful election. In the spirit of truth and for the future of our country, a special House committee was convened to determine what happened and to hold all those responsible — even if it is the former president — accountable.
Finally after 18 months and countless interviews, they came to their grave conclusion: the Justice Department should charge former President Donald Trump with four crimes. Then last night the Committee released their final 845 page report recommending that Trump be barred from ever holding office again. Click here to read the report.
Regardless of the outcome, Trump will go down in history as the only president to be referred to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation. This is a dark day in our history. But it also shines a bright light on democracy. The Committee acted in a bipartisan manner, reaching unanimous agreement, with its only GOP members risking their political futures to do the right thing.
There was a sense of urgency for the Committee to wrap up their work as the GOP readies to take control of the House. For Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his caucus, it is politics over country. While they applauded the fight for democracy thousands of miles away, history will judge them if they fight to preserve and protect democracy here at home.