'You Don't Own Me PSA' - Why Women MUST Vote

"You Don't Own Me" PSA - Upworthy from The Department of Peace on Vimeo.

In 2013, there were more laws passed to limit women’s reproductive rights than in the entire previous DECADE.

Ten million more women than men voted in the last election. In fact 53% of voters were women. That is not a voting block it's a majority. Women have decided literally every election in our lifetimes, yet, midterm turnout is historically low. LET'S CHANGE THAT!

Hamas Endorses a Massacre


One of the most shocking aspects of the murderous attack on a Jerusalem synagogue this morning by men with guns and axes is not the attack itself—we've seen, from time to time, this sort of sectarian barbarism take place in places like Jerusalem, and Hebron. The most shocking aspect is the wholesale endorsement of this slaughter by Hamas, a group that, during this summer's war in Gaza, half-succeeded in convincing the world that it wasn't what it actually is: a group with actual genocidal intentions.

White House: Final deal with Iran could include uranium enrichment

More details are coming to light about the potential final deal regarding Iran's nuclear enrichment program.

A final deal with Iran could include a capacity for uranium enrichment, a White House spokesman said on Tuesday, seeking to clarify some of the terms of the interim deal signed between Tehran and world powers.

Liberals Worry As Supreme Court Takes Up Birth Control Mandate

In announcing it will hear these two cases, the Supreme Court will ultimately determine whether corporations are people and if for-profit companies may impose the religious beliefs of the owners on the employees.

The Supreme Court made it official Tuesday: it will have the final say on whether Obamacare's birth control mandate is constitutional. And progressives are worried.

In many states, “fetal rights” laws are putting pregnant women in jail

Several states have laws that place the rights of fertilized eggs above women's constitutional rights and safety

Katie McDonough at has written about laws in several states which give rights to fertilized eggs that are superceding the rights of pregnant women. In some cases, women are being jailed to protect the "rights of the unborn."

Anti-abortion Extremists Urge Kidnapping of Women on Way to Clinic

In a new and outrageous twist on anti-abortion activism, a group tweeted a suggestion to volunteer to escort Texas women to abortion clinics, but then try to talk them out of it in the car and drive them to a church instead, while making sure the women missed their appointments.

Fears are held for the safety of women in Texas after an anti-abortion group infiltrated a pro-choice volunteering service, with the aim of kidnapping women to change their minds on abortion.

State laws protecting the right to choose passed since 2009

The following states have passed laws protecting the right to choose since the death of Dr. George Tiller in 2009:


  • 7/2009  Prohibits coercing a woman into having an abortion
  • 7/2009  Establishes criteria for a judge to utilize when considering bypassing the state's parental consent for abortion law


State laws restricting reproductive rights passed since 2009

May 31, 2015 marked the six year anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a reproductive health physician in Wichita, Kansas who provided late-term abortions for women in need.  Since Dr. Tiller was killed, states across the country have continued to pass laws aimed at limiting access to this legal medical procedure.

State Anti-Abortion Statutes Enacted Since Death of Dr. Tiller


Ted Cruz Calls Birth Control 'Abortifacients'

While addressing the conservative Value Voter Summit, Senator Ted Cruz conflated birth control with abortion-inducing medication, a common erroneous talking point for the anti-choice proponents.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Friday repeated the misguided conservative talking point that the birth control coverage rule included in Obamacare forces employers to cover abortion-inducing pills.