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Week in Review 5-1-2020

One of the big lessons we learned form the 2016 campaign is DON'T LISTEN TO POLLS. 

Recent polling in key battleground states show Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump. However, the election is still six months away, a lifetime in elections. Optimism is welcomed, especially during these difficult dark days, but optimism can be lethal. It can lead to complacency. 

Week in Review 4-24-2020

This pandemic has clearly shown us that elections have consequences. Those we helped elect, and those who were already in office, are now charged with making decisions that literally will determine who lives and who dies. There is a complete lack of leadership in Washington during a time that we need it most. 

Week in Review 4-17-2020

The GOP is more committed than ever to restricting women's access to reproductive health care. They are continuing to wage war on women by declaring that abortion is not an essential service during the Coronavirus pandemic.

States have placed restrictions that have effectively banned or blocked the availability of abortion services.

Week in Review 4-10-2020

The coronavirus is upending all aspects of our lives, including our elections. Nearly twenty states have postponed their primaries to safeguard their citizens' health. There is already concern about November's general election and how we will vote.

Week In Review 4-3-2020


Jews have been forced to find unique ways to celebrate holidays when antisemitism and persecution threatened their existence. Jews learned to be creative - and daring. Today we face the challenge of celebrating Passover in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Week in Review 3-27-2020


The Coronavirus epidemic has become a story of numbers. How many sick; how many respirators are needed; how many people are unemployed; and sadly, how many have died. These numbers drive public policy. Without this data, officials would be struggling even more to get the necessary supplies and services to the affected areas.

While we are all consumed with our new world at home, separated from work and family, we still need to make time to fill out the 2020 Census form.

Week In Review 3-20-2020


Many of the complicated issues we deal with as a nation will not go away during the Coronavirus pandemic. These issues become more challenging and even dangerous for individuals and families.

 Women seeking an abortion are being negatively impacted by the pandemic. Federal regulations require that clinics that dispense drugs for at-home medical abortions pick the medicine up in person. This puts them, their families and health care workers at risk. They may be exposed to the virus or inadvertently expose their healthcare providers.

Week In Review 3-13-2020


One of the highlights of the JAC year is our Washington, DC conference. Women and men from across the country gather for several days of small group meetings on Capitol Hill and policy briefings. This is a unique event that is offered exclusively to our JAC members.  

After much consideration and with heavy hearts, we have decided to cancel this year's conference, which was planned to celebrate JAC's 40th year. 

Week In Review 3-6-2020


After nearly four years of a Trump presidency, our country is battered and bruised. Our democracy has been stretched and twisted. We are more divided than ever before. The challenges families face grow on a daily basis. 

This election is less than 270 days away. It offers us a chance to make a change by electing a leader that will heal the wounds and begin to once again build a country that serves as a beacon of freedom and human rights. 

That leader is Joe Biden.

Week In Review 2-28-2020

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) this week once again showed that he is only loyal to the President's personal, political agenda and not the welfare of the country. He took a break from pushing through anti-choice judges to bring to the floor two bills aimed at banning abortion and criminalizing doctors who offer counsel and provide abortion services.