Steve Bullock

Ben Cardin



RACE SUMMARY: After serving two terms as Governor, Steve Bullock is moving onto the national stage, running against freshman Sen. Steve Daines (R).

VOTING RECORD: Project VoteSmart



PARTY: Democrat

BORN: 4/11/1966

EDUCATION: Claremont McKenna College (BA), Columbia University (JD)


FAMILY: Married, 3 children

RELIGION: Catholic


  • Chief legal counsel to Montana Secretary of State Mike Cooney (1996)

  • Montana Department of Justice (19970)

  • Chief deputy, Montana Department of Justice (1997-2000)

  • Lawyer, Steptoe and Johnson (2001-2004)

  • Montana Attorney General (2009-2013)

  • Governor of Montana (2013-present)



  • Supports a two-state solution
  • Does not support making aid to Israel conditional
  • Believes in the strong U.S.-Israel relationship

  • Supports Roe v. Wade
  • Stands with Planned Parenthood
  • Will protect safe and legal abortion


In His Own Words

"My children are growing up in a different environment than I did. In 2017, Montana had our most expensive fire season in history with over 6 weeks of periodic evacuations, smoke-laden skies and double the incidence of respiratory illness-related ER visits, and the tragic loss of two wildland firefighters. In recent summers we have often closed or restricted our rivers to fishing to give fish a respite while enduring warmer rivers. Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers. Montana farmers and ranchers are coping with drought, pests and disease and variability impacting their livelihoods. Quite simply, my home is visibly changing." 1

"Life begins at viability, but either way it’s not up to people like me to be making these decisions. It’s not what I think—it’s what does an individual woman need to do with her body and with her health care." 2

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Interesting Facts

Steve was a paperboy growing up and delivered newspapers to the Montana Governor’s Mansion.

He was a presidential candidate in 2020.