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Use the congressional map for a listing of members of the US Congress by state and district and for information on candidates and races.
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Criteria for JACPAC Recommendation:

  1. Voting record or position paper on Israel
  2. Voting record or position paper on reproductive rights and separation of religion and state
  3. Leadership positions in Senate or House
  4. Committee assignments
  5. State or district demographics
  6. Case-by-case analysis of the race and the opposition
  7. Electability
  8. Financial need.

Although each election contest is judged on its particular merits, JACPAC sticks with incumbent friends over challengers; stays out of primaries (unless the primary IS the race); stays out of races in which candidates on both sides equally meet JACPAC's criteria.

A JACPAC recommendation means a candidate meets JACPAC’s criteria and is generally aligned with our values.  It does not always guarantee a perfect record on every vote or issue.

Congressional elections are held every two years for all seats in the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate. Senate terms are six years, and House terms are two years. 




  1. Doug LaMalfa (R)
  2. Jared Huffman (D)
  3. Kevin Kiley (R)
  4. Tom McClintock (R)
  5. Mike Thompson (D)
  6. Ami Bera (D) 
  7. Doris Matsui (D)
  8. John Garamendi (D)
  9. Josh Harder (D
  10. Mark DeSaulnier (D) 
  11. Nancy Pelosi (D)  
  12. Barbara Lee (D)
  13. John Duarte (R) 
  14. Eric Swalwell (D)
  15. Kevin Mullin(D) 
  16. Anna Eshoo (D)
  17. Ro Khanna (D)  
  18. Zoe Lofgren (D) 
  19. Jimmy Panetta (D) 
  20. Kevin McCarthy (R)
  21. Jim Costa (D)
  22. David Valadao (R)
  23. Jay Obernolte (R)
  24. Salud Carbajal (D) 
  25. Raul Ruiz (D) 
  26. Julia Brownley (D) 
  27. Mike Garcia (R)
  28. Judy Chu (D)
  29. Tony Cardenas (D)
  30. Adam Schiff (D)
  31. Grace Napolitano (D) 
  32. Brad Sherman (D)
  33. Pete Aguilar (D) 
  34. Jimmy Gomez (D)
  35. Norma Torres (D)
  36. Ted Lieu (D) 
  37.  Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D)
  38. Linda Sanchez (D)
  39. Mark Takano (D) 
  40. Young Kim (R)
  41. Ken Calvert (R)
  42. Robert Garcia (D)
  43. Maxine Waters (D)
  44. Nanette Barragan (D) 
  45. Michelle Steel (R)
  46. Luis Correa (D)
  47. Katie Porter (D)  
  48. Darrell Issa (R)
  49. Mike Levin (D) 
  50. Scott Peters (D) 
  51. Sara Jacobs (D) 
  52. Juan Vargas (D) 

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How to communicate with Congress

JAC recommends personal comunications -- individually generated.  These will be tallied and will usually result in a personal reply from your senator or representative)  Call, write or email your Representative and Senators.  Let them know where you stand on issues that are important to you. Do it often! Your calls or letters may be as simple as the samples below, but we recommend that you be brief, to the point, and always respectful.

All senators and representatives can be reached by calling the Capitol Switchboard 202 224-3121


"Hello. My name is _____ and I am a constituent (or, if not a constituent, I am a concerned citizen or I am calling because the Senator or Rep. chairs such-and-such committee). I would like to register my opinion on the issue of ______ (name issue or bill number).  I am in favor of/opposed to _____.  [Here you may add a brief supporting sentence.] Please pass this information along to Senator ______/Rep.______.
Thank you."


The Honorable _______ _______
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510


The Honorable ______ ____
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Senator/Representative ______:

I am writing as a constituent (or, if not a constiuent, as a concerned citizen or because the Senator or Rep. chairs such-and-such committee) to ask you to support/vote against _______ (issue - or bill number). This issue is important and deserves your attention. [Her you may add any brief additional supporting comments.]


Your name, address


Elected Officials Contact Information

Contact information for the White House:
Send a message via the White House comments page at
Call the White House switchboard is at 202-456-1414.

Contact your U.S. Representative:
Identify and contact your U.S. Representative 
Call your representative via the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Contact your U.S. Senator:
Information about how to contact your U.S. Senators can be found at
Call your representative via the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Contact your Governor:
Information on how to  contact your state's governor can be found at

Contact your state legislators:
Information on finding and contacting your state senators and state representatives can be found at