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Week in Review 2-23-2018

While the victims' families struggle with the pain and heartbreak following the high school shooting, the entire country is debating an action plan. Many ask what can be done. It is clear that we need common sense gun laws such as expanded background checks, which would include gun shows and the internet, and a ban on assault weapons. But getting there is nearly impossible with the NRA standing in the way

Week in Review 2-2-2018

Today, in an unprecedented move, the White House released a highly sensitive intelligence document for political gain. Donald Trump's aim is to discredit his critics. There is a dark shadow hanging over Trump and his associates with alleged ties to Russia and other unconstitutional actions, and a dark cloud over the country.

The Mueller and FBI investigations, the government shutdown, and the overall gridlock in Washington, D.C. does not give the public a great deal of confidence in Congress and our elected officials.

Week in Review 1-19-2018

Monday marks the 45th Anniversary of Roe v Wade when the Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional right to privacy "is broad enough to encompass a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy," thereby ensuring that women had a protected right to a safe and legal abortion.

Prior to that, women went to extreme, dangerous and desperate measures to end a pregnancy. Women were willing to risk their lives to have control over their bodies.

Week In Review 1-12-2018

Last May, I was lucky enough to join JAC at their annual Washington D.C. meeting.  At that time, I was frustrated, dismayed and dejected following the 2016 election.  However, those days changed my life and renewed my passion.

We arrived in DC and after a briefing by JAC staff and policy experts we immediately headed to the Hill to begin our advocacy work. I met with dozens of Members of Congress whose commitment and dedication to public service, despite the political climate, reassured me hope was not lost. 

Week In Review 1-5-2018

2018 is starting off in an upside down world.

There are blizzards in the South and on the East Coast, while the Rocky Mountains are begging for snow. And our leaders deny climate change.

White House staff is coming and going, and publicly turning on each other. 

We have a president tweeting at world leaders, potentially inciting war.

Week In Review 12-22-2017

Let's make history together in 2018 and elect candidates across the country who will fight to keep the U.S.-Israel relationship bipartisan and strong, protect women's reproductive freedom and guarantee that the separation between religion and state remains solid.

There will only be 309 days until the November election once we usher in 2018. JAC will be working hard to support and help elect candidates that will fight for the values we care about.

We can't do this without you. Here's your 2018 JAC To-Do-List:

Week In Review 12-15-2017

Doug Jones' win Tuesday over Roy Moore gave us a brief moment of hope. Finally it seemed that our country's moral compass was readjusted a bit. Alabama showed that when you vote your conscience, not your party, change can happen. But we still have a long way to go.

As we look toward 2018, candidates across the country are energized, knowing that when they get out the vote, they win. Jones fought hard for the 10,000 votes that pushed him to victory.    

Week In Review 12/9/2017

Will President Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem re-energize the peace process or heighten tensions in a region that teeters on the brink of instability at a moment's notice? The Jewish community is split on the impact this decision will have on Israel and its neighbors.

Week In Review 12/1/2017

Tax reform lasts a long time. 1986 was the last time the tax code was changed. Today's tax plan will linger on the backs of women, students, disabled and seniors for another generation as well, if not longer. * 

The extremely wealthy, which includes Donald Trump, his family and corporations, seem to be the only ones that will benefit from this draconian bill.