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MD Just Made Birth Control and Plan B Free. Will Other States Follow?

This week, Maryland expanded insurance coverage forf all forms of contraception—making birth control pills, Plan B free for insured residents of the state and allowing women to get a 6-month supply of pills.

This week, Maryland passed the most comprehensive birth control access law in the country. Can the rest of us expect free contraception any time soon?

Donald Trump's Candidacy Could Have Devastating Consequences for Women

Trump's policies are likely to harm women. A Trump presidency — if it happened, and surely, we should know not to underestimate the man given what occurred in the primaries — could be devastating for women. He has promised to rescind the Affordable Care Act, which mandated all health insurance policies cover more essential care for women such as birth control, maternity care, and mental health services and, as of last year, had provided approximately 7.7 million women with health insurance plans.

The Latest Strategy To Prevent Women From Getting A Safe Abortion

A number of states have unleashed a new strategy to further restrict a woman’s legal right to end a pregnancy: Ban the safest way to perform a second-trimester abortion. 

Called Dilation and Evacuation (D&E), this type of surgical abortion has become the only legal option left for abortions that take place after 14 weeks that doctors consider safe. But, using inflammatory language describing the D&E procedure as “dismemberment” abortion, state lawmakers are moving to block doctors from using it.

Florida Supreme Court Halts Abortion Waiting Period --For Now

The Florida Supreme Court suspended the state’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions on Friday until it decides whether to hear a lawsuit claiming the law is unconstitutional.

The 5-to-2 decision comes two months after an appeals court allowed the law to go into effect. It was immediately praised by the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which is suing on behalf of a Gainesville clinic to block the law.

Fetal Burial Bills -- Another Way to Harass Women

A pair of recently introduced Ohio bills demand that women, after having an abortion, must inform the clinic if they want the aborted remains to be cremated or buried. The abortion clinic is financially responsible for completing the task. 

When Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine discovered that Planned Parenthood was, in fact, notresponsible for selling fetal tissue in the state — the smear at the heart of a right-wing campaignseeking to discredit the national women’s health organization — he was the last to admit it. 

Supreme Court Could Demolish Pillars of Progressive Movement

Hillary Clinton Takes the GOP to task over Supreme Court nomination and called on the Senate to consider the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. She put at the center of the country’s most contentious political debate ahead of a November general election. 

The Democratic front runner also went further than she has before in laying out a vision for an active and liberal Supreme Court that will expand the rights of unions, overturn Citizens United and stand for women’s access to abortions.