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Anti-Abortion Efforts Threaten Life-Saving Medical Research

Medical research using human fetal tissue obtained from abortions has benefited millions of people worldwide and holds great promise for the continued advancement of basic science, as well as for the development of lifesaving vaccines and therapies.

Since 1973, when abortion became legal nationwide, fetal tissue research has, time and again, become entangled in the abortion controversy.

MD Just Made Birth Control and Plan B Free. Will Other States Follow?

This week, Maryland expanded insurance coverage forf all forms of contraception—making birth control pills, Plan B free for insured residents of the state and allowing women to get a 6-month supply of pills.

This week, Maryland passed the most comprehensive birth control access law in the country. Can the rest of us expect free contraception any time soon?

Donald Trump's Candidacy Could Have Devastating Consequences for Women

Trump's policies are likely to harm women. A Trump presidency — if it happened, and surely, we should know not to underestimate the man given what occurred in the primaries — could be devastating for women. He has promised to rescind the Affordable Care Act, which mandated all health insurance policies cover more essential care for women such as birth control, maternity care, and mental health services and, as of last year, had provided approximately 7.7 million women with health insurance plans.