Postcards to Georgia Voters

JAC Members Write Postcards to Georgia Voters for the run-off election!


JAC is excited to help get out the vote for this special election for TWO Senate seats in Georgia. Postcards are a proven method to urge voters to cast their ballots and are easy to do from the comfort of your home. NOTE: This project is for current JAC members. If you are not a current JAC member, please join here, and once you have joined or renewed, we will send your postcards to you.

Be sure to order your postcards ASAP so we can get them to you on time.

Postcards should be sent out on December 21st. JAC is requesting postcards returned to our office by December 14th for us to send out.

How do you send them out? 

  • We will send you lists of voters with their addresses. Write one postcard per voter.
  • Be sure to put postcard stamps on them, and drop them at the local post office or your mailbox for pickup.
  • Mail them on December 21st, or return to the JAC office by December 14th and we will mail them.
What do you write on the postcards?
  • Tried and proven messages to inspire voters to cast their ballot have been developed by the team at Postcards to Swing States which will be sent to you.

Please note: If you would like to order more than 200 postcards, please click here.

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Please fill out all of the information requested below to help us facillitate your request.


Please add your full street address here. If we do not have it, we cannot send your postcards.
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