Postcards to Voters

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JAC is excited to help get out the vote this November. Postcards are a proven method to urge voters to cast their ballots and are easy to do from the comfort of your home.

Postcards will be sent out in October, to be in mailboxes before election day. Swing states currently available are Wisconsin & Michigan. More will be available soon.

You have two options to get your postcards:
  • Click here to have at least 200 postcards sent to you for swing states including Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Montana, North Carolina & Pennsylvania.
  • Click here to ask JAC to send you an amount less than 200

How do you send them out? Again, two options.

  • You can choose to send them out yourself in October
  • JAC can send them for you.
    • JAC will send you a self-addressed envelope to return your finished postcards to us. We will add stamps to the postcards and send them out in October. Please let us know if you would like us to send you a self-addressed envelope to send the completed cards to us.
What do you write on the postcards?
  • Tried and proven messages to inspire voters to cast their ballot have been developed by the team at Postcards to Swing States which will be sent to you
  • Click here to see the recommended messages
What if you finish and want to do more? 

We have some time before the election. Make this a regular part of your routine. Write postcards in the morning when you have your coffee. Write postcards in the evening after dinner. Get your friends involved. This is a proven and easy way for all of us to help get people to the polls.

Let's work together to Get Out the Vote with postcards!