Press Release

1/16/2013: JAC supports the President's initiatives to prevent gun violence


JAC supports the President’s initiatives to prevent gun violence
Highland Park, IL January 16, 2013
“This is our first task as a society: Keeping our children safe.”
                                                             – President Barack Obama


12/17/2012 JAC's Statement on the Massacre in Connecticut

The horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has touched us all. We are deeply shaken and mourn the loss of these innocent children and their teachers. The survivors and the entire community will never be the same. They have lost children, grandchildren, siblings, friends. Their security has been so rudely violated and their expectations forever changed.


11/16/12 - JAC Supports Israel's Right to Self Defense

We just completed election campaigns that resulted in the election of members of the US House and Senate who are committed a strong US-Israel relationship and the re-election of a President who has shown his unshakable commitment to Israel. We thank the Administration and Congress for their steadfast support for Israel and we thank you, our members, for your calls, letters and emails whenever we alert you to action needed. Israelis draw great comfort from our support and their security is strengthened by our vigilance.

6/23/2012: JAC Welcomes Carol Leifer to the 2nd Annual Power of Women Brunch on June 21

Comedy, politics, current events and a celebration of the accomplishments of women marked the second annual Joint Action Committee Power of Women brunch in Chicago June 23rd.  Standup comic and comedy writer Carol Leifer provided much-needed comic relief from serious issues as well as motivation to get involved in addressing those issues.  Her observations on modern life were funny and poignant, and the audience identified with her as she shared anecdotes about being Jewish, being a comedian, and being a mother. Leifer has worked on Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, and the Larry Sanders Show, won a 2012 Writers Guild Award for her work on the Emmy award-winning show Modern Family, was one of the writers for the 2012 Academy Award show featuring Billy Crystal and recently penned the book, When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win.