New Mexico lawmaker resurrects bill making abortion after rape a felony

After hastily removing all evidence of her last attempt that would put the victims in jail, AZ lawmaker Cathrynn Brown is back with a new bill that would charge medical providers who perform an abortion for a rape victim with a felony.

We all remember last week when Republican state legislator Rep. Cathrynn Brown introduced a bill that would charge rape survivors seeking an abortion with a felony, right?

And we all remember when she was promptly Internet shamed and removed all evidence of the bill from her website, posthaste?

Well, she’s back. And so is the bill.

After finding out that the public doesn’t take too kindly to putting rape survivors in jail, Rep. Brown amended the legislation. Now, instead of charging women who terminate a pregnancy caused by rape with “tampering with evidence,” the updated bill will charge state abortion providers. Why? For “facilitating” the destruction of evidence.

So abortion after rape would still be a crime in New Mexico. And that is still a problem.