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DeVos Wants to Use Schools to Build 'God's Kindgom'

It's Christmastime in Holland, Michigan, and the northerly winds off Lake Macatawa bring a merciless chill to the small city covered in deep snow. The sparkling lights hanging on trees in downtown storefronts illuminate seasonal delicacies from the Netherlands, as well as photos and paintings of windmills and tulips, wooden shoes, and signs that read "Welkom Vrienden" (Welcome, Friends).

Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Hit Blue States Hardest

By Sharona Coutts

February 6, 2017

Planned Parenthood’s rallying cry has long been “our doors stay open.”

It’s been a defiant response to decades of attacks—political, legislative, and physical—against the nation’s largest provider of reproductive health care.

Cecile Richards repeated that promise at the Women’s March on Washington last month, in reference to statements from House Speaker Paul Ryan that defunding the organization will be a top order of business for the new Congress.

Holocaust Memorial Day: Only eternal vigilance can prevent a return to the hatred of the 1930s

Moshe Kantor President of the European Jewish Congress 
January 27, 2017

The theme of this year’s United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Day – How can life go on? – resonates with the harrowing stories of those who survived the genocide. More than once I have heard survivors talk of having to teach themselves every day how to live.

Arkansas governor signs abortion law banning common procedure

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed into law on Thursday a bill banning the most common abortion procedure employed in the second trimester of a pregnancy, among the most restrictive abortion legislation in the United States.

The law, which takes effect later this year, prohibits dilation and evacuation, a practice that pro-choice advocates say is the safest method of ending a pregnancy but which supporters of the legislation call "barbaric," requiring the "dismemberment" of the fetus.