Voter Mobilization & Actions

Elections are critical to our nation - without fair and free elections, our democracy will crumble. In January 2021, we saw insurrectionists attack our nation's capitol, which reinforced the critical need for voter protections.

To that end, JAC has created our Voter Mobilization Team and provided action steps we can each take to make sure that voting in the United States stay free, fair, and open to all who are eligible to cast a ballot.

What can you do? Pick one or all of the actions below. Share the list with friends and family.
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The 2022 election will be more critical than ever and we must have voter protections and participation to keep our country strong.
  • Call your Senators at 202.224.3121 and urge them to pass these voter protection bills:
    • Protect Our Democracy Act (S2921)
    • John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (S4)
    • Freedom to Vote Act (S2747)
  • Sign up for JAC's Voter Mobilization Team to write postcards and make phone calls to voters.
  • Call or contact all college students you know and make sure they are registered to vote or can vote absentee
  • Find out the date of your local elections and VOTE - all elections matter
  • Become a Voter Registrar to help get people registered to vote - click here for more information
  • Keep track of what is on the ballot in your local and state elections - click here
  • Call your County Board of Elections and learn how to become a poll watcher or election judge
  • Share this information on social media and get your friends and family involved: Share on Facebook, share on Twitter, share on LinkedIn