Introducing Janna Berk - JAC's New President

It is with great excitement that I write to you as the newly-­installed President of JAC. I am proud to have been a member of this organization for 20 years, and come to this position prepared to both offer my ideas and seek your input. As the gavel was passed on March 19th at the annual DC Fly-­In, I was keenly aware of my role, and the roles of all of us, in continuing to advance JAC’s mission as a collaborative body. Our mission today is no less vital than it was the day JAC came into existence; Israel’s safety and security remains paramount, women’s reproductive rights hang by a thread and have been legislated out of existence in many states, and issues relating to separation of religion and state are being hijacked by the religious right. We have a lot to do, and we must do it together.

Our mission has also evolved. We now include compelling issues of the day in our advocacy work. We recognize that when our country is consumed by the national tragedy of gun violence, it is our obligation to enter the discussion and to join our voices in coalition with others who are demanding change. While our core mission remains unchanged, we have taken seriously our membership’s call to action in regard to certain issues of profound importance. We are committed to this ongoing dialogue.

Our organization as a whole must continue to evolve as well. We must grow new chapters, build new infrastructure, include new voices and see new perspectives. Our foundation is solid, and our respect in the political community is great. I look forward to the next two years as we work  together to bring our goals to fruition.