Week In Review March 10, 2017

As my internship at JAC comes to an end, I have been reflecting on my experiences over the last couple of months. My internship at JAC began right after Donald Trump was inaugurated. It was and extremely intense political climate, that has continued. Working in the research and communications department, it was a daily challenge for me to differentiate facts from bias, especially when information comes from countless sources and is shared on every platform. I hope to use this experience to remain better informed at college and share that knowledge with my friends. 

I learned that everything that happens in politics impacts our country -- and my life. JAC always says elections have consequences. Now I understand that even more. The Administration's policies, which are supported by a majority in Congress, will impact my life for years to come. Therefore it is critical that my generation becomes more politically engaged and also votes. It will be up to us to change the direction of this country. 

As I researched laws and bills in Congress, I was able to understand how the government works on a day-to-day basis. It's important to be informed so that we know how policies will impact us. For example, I never worried about access to health care. But this week, the GOP's attempts to restrict women's access to maternity care, cancer screenings, and family planning by defunding Planned Parenthood would make it harder for women to get basic health care. 

I was fortunate to see first hand how a political action committee, like JAC, can have a real impact in our country by working to elect candidates who will support the core values of the Jewish Community. 

Zoë Kaufman 
JAC Intern