Week In Review March 17, 2017

President Donald Trump's newly released budget is an affront to the Jewish values we support as a community. His budget ramps up military spending in a fashion previously seen only during wars and arms races. His attack on agencies delivers a serious blow to the  protection of our water and air, education of our children, and the work conducted in medical research. A stable, functioning and compassionate society depends on these and other necessary programs.

This budget is proof that Trump assigns no value to the human cost of his policy choices. His budget director stated that there is no proof that low income children need lunch programs or that seniors need Meals-on-Wheels. He has decimated the EPA budget saying that climate change is not real. Critical bio-medical and science research will be nearly crippled. Funding for the humanities and arts has been severely cut. Our nation's parks and recreational areas will also lose federal funding. Trump's goal is to irrevocably change the essence of this country in every way possible, while building up the military.

As a Jewish community, we have always prided ourselves on our strong sense of charity and tikkun olam -- repairing the world. Now we will need to do even more to save this country from the damage being inflicted. We hope you will join with us as we work to elect candidates that share our values and who will fight to protect everyone in our nation.