Week In Review July 14, 2017

There is still no good news in the revised Senate healthcare bill - despite GOP claims and any extra perks they have offered to wavering Senators for their support. The bill is an absolute nightmare that would cause a spectacular amount of suffering - and even deaths.* The Senate will stay in session, forgoing their August recess, until they can get this bill passed. They want a victory on this issue at any cost. 

We have one more chance to try to stop this horrendous bill. The Senate is expected to vote next week. There are still several GOP Senators that are reluctant to support the bill. The GOP can't afford to lose their support and we cannot afford to let this bill pass.

Now is the time to use your political voice. We know that Congress will listen. Senators tell us phone calls make a difference.  If you have never made a phone call to Congress, now is the time to start. It's easy and quick. If you have made phone calls, make even more.

Every vote counts. The House repealed the ACA by 217-213 in May. Four votes made the difference. Just imagine how different things would be right now if that bill would have failed.

Looking for some motivation? Please look at our recent JAC Video and listen to JAC women from across the country who described poignantly in their own words why it is important to get involved. Then, make your phone calls.

JAC needs your support to send candidates to Congress who will fight for healthcare. DONATE NOW.

*Washington Post