A Week In Review July 21, 2017

Every day there is more devastating news about the impact the GOP's healthcare plan will have on all of us. It feels like the healthcare debate has been going on forever. We all have a bit of battle fatigue. But our hard work is paying off. 

Political pressure, like our phone calls, has forced the GOP to postpone, delay and even abandon their plans to replace the ACA. Defections within their own party threaten the passage of repeal. However, anything can still happen - if not now, then later. One thing is certain: the GOP is determined to continue to wage war on all aspects of women's healthcare. 

In the meantime, the House Appropriations Committee this week approved funding for the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education for fiscal year 2018, with deep cuts to family planning programs. This will directly impact Planned Parenthood and the women that rely on these clinics for basic health care. 

This week, the Senate approved the nomination of John Bush for the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Bush, in the past, has compared slavery to abortion and has made other controversial comments about climate change and gay marriage. President Donald Trump is trying to fill the country's courts with judicial nominees who espouse extreme views. The EPA is getting ready for budget and staff cuts, which will further hurt the agency's efforts to keep our air and water safe. 

Clearly, the battle is far from over. We need to remain energized and motivated. Continue to make your phone calls, support JAC candidates, and encourage your friends and family to become politically involved. 

JAC works every day to help elect Members of Congress who will ensure that  the U.S.-Israel relationship stays strong, reproductive freedom is protected, and the separation between religion and state remains solid. 

We need your support . Every dollar makes a difference.