Week In Review September 1, 2017

JAC's thoughts are with our members in Texas, the Jewish community and all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. At times like this, we all come together to offer assistance to those in need. The heroic efforts by citizens and first responders have been inspiring. The recovery will be long and painful and will require federal and private assistance.

Arctic warming made Harvey a  "killer storm," according to climate researchers. Greenhouse gas emissions have increased sea levels, causing higher surges.* Climate change is real and poses a serious threat to our planet and our lives.

Congress will return to Washington, DC on Tuesday with a full agenda. They must pass the remaining appropriations funding bills to keep the government operating past October. Relief for Houston and President Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall will certainly be part of the discussions, further complicating the budget process. JAC will continue to keep you informed on how Congressional funding could impact our issues. 

Riders are controversial measures which could defund Planned Parenthood or weaken gun safety laws. These measures have an easier time getting passed because they are attached to appropriation bills that must become law to keep the government open.

As summer officially comes to a close this Labor Day weekend, we now need to think about the challenging days ahead. The fight to protect our issues will intensify. We hope we can count on your support for JAC and our candidates.  

What can you do? STAY INFORMED. Read and share JAC's information; continue to support JAC and our candidates.  Continue to make calls to your Representative and Senators. Every action makes a difference. Get involved with JAC.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend with your friends and family.