Week in Review 2-23-2018

While the victims' families struggle with the pain and heartbreak following the high school shooting, the entire country is debating an action plan. Many ask what can be done. It is clear that we need common sense gun laws such as expanded background checks, which would include gun shows and the internet, and a ban on assault weapons. But getting there is nearly impossible with the NRA standing in the way

Countries with less guns have less mass shootings. States with stricter gun laws have less gun violence. The answer is not sending our children to schools that are armed and outfitted like fortresses. It is nearly impossible to protect our families unless we elect candidates who will place human life above the NRA's goals.

In the 2016 election, the NRA spent more than $52 million* electing and defeating candidates.

JAC donates to candidates across the country that share our values. We make direct contributions to their campaigns and we bundle contributions from our members. This is how our voice is heard and how we make a difference.

Every member of the House and Senate votes on every issue. That is why it is important to work to elect candidates that may not even be from your state. The Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate are elected by the party that holds the majority in that chamber. Each of those leaders decide what bills come to the floor for votes. 

We can rid the NRA's influence on Congress if we help elect candidates that stand up to vote for common sense gun laws. We can only do this if we donate to these candidates. They need our financial support to fight the NRA. 

Donate to JAC candidates today. The safety of our children depends on this.

*source: Open Secrets 11/9/16