week in Review 9/28/2018

Over the last two days I am sure you, like myself, have been glued to the television watching the Kavanaugh Hearing. We had a different column written earlier today. But we are delighted to announce our system of checks and balances is not broken TODAY! It took one GOP Senator to stand up and ask for an investigation by the FBI and observe due process. Senator Flake (R-AZ) worked across the aisle and made a compromise with his Democratic colleagues. We don't know how this will eventually turn out, but the cloud hanging over this nomination was lifted temporarily this afternoon. However, the fight is not over.  

Today's events showed how every VOTE matters. We have the opportunity to help elect new Senators favorable to our issues in four toss-up states: Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas.

Help us make that happen. Come with us over the next month to get out the vote, make calls, and make sure you and your family are registered and VOTE!

Call the JAC office for information on getting out the vote near you. 847.433.5999.  


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