Week In Review 12-8-2018

It is no secret that Iran is committed to destroying Israel. Iran is seeking to create a terrorist base along Israel's northern border with Lebanon. Recent reports that Hezbollah is digging tunnels from Lebanon into Israel is creating great concern for Israel.

The U.S., the European Union and other states have designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Hezbollah's sole purpose is to inflict violence on Israel's citizens and destabilize the region.
We stand with Israel in defending its country from these tunnel threats which constitute a flagrant and severe violation of Israeli sovereignty. Israel has a right to self-defense from Hamas and any other foreign attacks.

Thanks to bipartisan support for Israel the 2019 budget included $3.3 billion in funding to Israel, as well as $705 million for its state-of-the art Iron-Dome Missile Defense System. The Iron Dome has stopped thousands of missiles fired into Israel since it was first deployed in 2011. That budget also included funding to help Israel establish anti-tunneling technology.

The 116th Congress, which will begin in January, will have nine new Senators and 93 new House members. They are coming to Congress with varying familiarity with Israel. Some have never even visited Israel.

If the steadfast, close relationship between Israel and the U.S. is to continue, it must have support across the board in Congress. These new members are key to perpetuating the U.S.-Israel bond. The better informed they are about Israel, the deeper understanding and appreciation they will have for one of our country's most significant allies. 

Besides working to elect candidates who are committed to the U.S.-Israel relationship, JAC also maintains an ongoing dialogue with those we help elect. You can help us with this mission too. When you see or communicate with your elected officials, talk about Israel. Share with them your personal experiences. Let them know why you feel the U.S.-Israel bond is special and critical to our national interests as well.

Join JAC Tuesday, March 12 thru Thursday, March 14, 2019 in Washington, DC for our annual meeting. This a unique opportunity to visit in small intimate groups with Members of Congress to discuss Israel and other important issues.

Let your voice be heard.