June 7, 2019

More than 325 women gathered in Chicago this week for JAC's annual Power of Women Luncheon. The luncheon's theme was "Powerful Words."  We were honored to have Dr. Jill Biden and Sarah Hurwitz, Michelle Obama's former speechwriter.

Sharon Koltin and Tina Wolf, our co-chairs, spearheaded a successful event which raised critical funds for JAC's work heading into the 2020 election. 

"Words - powerful words -  lead to action. Anti-Semitism, abortion bans, and school shootings. The use of hateful rhetoric by today's administration undermines who we are as Americans," Tina said at the luncheon. "We want to teach our children how to raise people up, not push them down. We want them to use their words to promote moral integrity, compassion and justice in our society."

As a child of Holocaust survivors, Sharon personally knows the devastation that hate-speech can cause. 

"Our highly charged political environment is creating polarization and hatred. Dangerous words lead to deadly actions. All heinous acts throughout history have begun with hate speech," Sharon said.

Tina, who has been involved with JAC for more than 10 years, has joined JAC many times in Washington, DC for our policy conference, even having her children attend with her. 

After attending her first JAC Conference last March, Sharon said that, "Every senator and representative I met with knew JAC and the issues we stand for. I had the opportunity to talk in-depth with them regarding the words that matter most to me such as, gun control, support for Israel and women's right to choose."

As an English teacher, Dr. Biden, understands the power of words to inspire and transform her students. 

"We give our heart in little ways with the words we use," she said. "Each of us must choose every day the kind of world we want with the words we use."

This is a pivotal time in our country. Turn your powerful words about the issues you care about into action with JAC.