Week in Review 6-14-2019

The Democratic-controlled House has passed 167 bills since January 2019. Those bills now move to the Senate and await action from Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The Senate has only passed 26 bills in that same period. But they approved 119 judges to lifetime appointments.
Yet with all the political chatter, the House's accomplishments rarely get the attention deserved. Some of the House passed legislation includes action against gun violence, renewing the Violence Against Women Act, protecting the voting rights, requiring the President to address climate change, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, and providing protected status for DREAMERS.
This week, the House of Representatives passed ten bills including:  

  • preventing child marriages in UN refugee camps
  • modernizing the IRS
  • resolution that allows the chair of committee to seek compliance to subpoenas in federal court.  

Nearly all of this legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, yet it is unlikely that they will be taken up in the Senate any time soon. The Senate, by contrast, did not pass any legislation this week. but they did confirm nine more district court judges, furthering the Trump administration's agenda to reshape the federal court system for decades. 
The Constitution specifically grants Congress its most important power - the authority to make laws. The House Democrats are doing their legally mandated job. But it needs the Senate to do their job as well. 
It's not just about Trump's daily tweet storms or pending subpoenas and investigations. There is also good news coming out of the House. Representatives are working to improve and protect the quality of life for all Americans.

See the bills here