Week in Review May 15, 2020

Time is running out. Our election is only 171 days away, and we have done little to ensure that our elections are secure from foreign influence. 
A recent bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that in 2016 all 50 states were likely targeted by Russian operatives seeking access to election infrastructure, at least one major election vendor was successfully breached, and that future attacks should be expected. Cyberattacks against political campaigns tied to both Russia and Iran have continued.
The coronavirus sweeping our country has created the perfect opportunity for Russians and other bad actors to infiltrate our elections. We are preoccupied with the pandemic and our ailing economy. Congress is focus on helping the millions of Americans impacted by coronavirus. While Trump is demeaning and discrediting his own experts and medical community, the Russians are using their time to further compromise the November election. They are fervently working to exploit our weakness and the divide in this country that Trump has encouraged.
In February, intelligence officials warned House lawmakers that Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Trump re-elected. That month the Senate, under Mitch McConnell's directions, blocked three election security bills. 
Some of the provisions in those bills included: a mandate that every ballot in the United States have a paper backup; requiring campaigns to report contacts with foreign officials; automatic sanctions for nations that interfere in elections; and more.
The Senate did eventually agree to a minimal amount of funding for election security. It was far short of the House's recommendation; and that was just a beginning to what is really needed to guarantee the safety of our elections. 
The most recent stimulus package does contain $3.6 billion for states to help prepare for the elections, such as expanding early voting and mail-in-ballots. But we also need to make sure that when and how we vote is not compromised by foreign parties.
Call Congress (202-224-3121) and urge your Senators to pass election security legislation. 
Our elections and our democracy belong to the American people - not the Russians or other bad actors.
Elections and election security matter.

Source: Brennan Center