Week In Review 5-22-2020

We will celebrate Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, in our new virtual world. There will be no parades and picnics. The streets and parks will be empty. We will need to remember on our own the men and women who believed that serving our country was an honor and privilege
Memorial Day is a time to honor those brave individuals. Their service was needed because of the threats our country faced and the risk to our democratic values. They were true patriots. Today's veterans remind us that pubic service to our country is a courageous and noble pursuit.
Our service people have kept us safe, but it's a never-ending challenge. The battlefield may have changed over the years, but we still face countless challenges and threats - some even from within our own country.
White-supremacy has surged, fueling growing antisemitism, religious, and racial hatred. Our classrooms and communities have been turned into killing fields from gun violence. Voter suppression prevents Americans from choosing leaders who can best keep them safe. The political division in our country keeps Congress from enacting meaningful legislation. Now, we all face the battle to end the Coronavirus pandemic.
In honor of our fallen soldiers and those that today are still sacrificing their time to defending our country, let's commit ourselves to improving our country. We need to return to the values that motivated these men and women to serve in the military.
Don't just remember them on Monday. Do more. Support candidates and vote in November so that America can continue to be the beacon of democracy.
Elections have consequences.